What patients say about me

Here are some of the comments I have received in the last few years from patients I have looked after and also from Plastic Surgery trainees in my NHS team who I have trained and mentored. I very much appreciate their kind words and have ensured that they are all happy for me to repeat them here.

“It has been a privilege to be your SHO and to learn from you. I can only hope that I one day emulate the high standards to which you hold yourself and others when delivering care for your patients”

“You are truly a remarkable man. You give us support, time, your expertise, you are very unique. You will always be a big part in our lives. We cannot find the words to express how we feel”

“I would like to thank you for what you have done on my face. Every scar is healing so well. You did a brilliant job. I was so nervous about the procedure but you made me feel fine”

“Mr Budny, I am writing to offer my thanks for the outstanding care I received throughout my recent diagnosis and subsequent treatment. I really appreciate how helpful you all were and the attention and kindness shown by you and your team made a big difference”

“I would like to just say what an absolute pleasure it has been working for you. I was particularly impressed by your management style and, as a trainee, your exceptional surgical mentorship. I have worked for many people over the past few years but the individual and special care you give to each and every patient is something I would like to emulate as a consultant”

“I'm glad to have been able to thank you personally for everything you did for my wife when she was your patient. I now realise more than ever that your expertise and dedication gave us an extra year together that we would not have enjoyed had she not been referred to you”

“The operation has really changed my wife's life, she is bubbling with confidence. Your talent, skills and kindness are forever remembered in our hearts”

“We thank you for the care and dedication you have given to our son since you took over the cleft care at Stoke Mandeville. We remember the time you sat on his bed after ward round for over an hour just to clean the dry blood off his lips. There are very few doctors at the top of their profession who would give up their time to do that just because the patient was scared”

“I felt compelled to write to thank you for the unbelievably painless surgery you administered on me. Thank you most profoundly for your great kindness to the aged. Ageism crops up far too often. I realise how lucky I am to be under your care”

“I am so thrilled with my new tummy and more confident than I've ever been in my life.”

“After a gastric bypass operation helped me lose the seven stone I had gained during a horrible year of cancer treatments, I went from a size 20 to a size 8 – but despite doing lots of exercise I could see all the folds of skin weren't going anywhere! I thought my tummy looked absolutely revolting. When I decided to do something about it, I Googled ‘best plastic surgeon in Buckinghamshire’ and Mr Budny's name came up. It turned out one of my nurse friends had worked with him and said he was lovely and my bypass surgeon also confirmed that he was very good.

When I went for my first consultation, Mr Budny came out to greet me and brought me into the consulting room, which I thought was really nice. My biggest fear was that he would say exercise would sort things out, because I knew it wouldn't. I was so relieved when he said he could help and I also liked that he explained very clearly the risks of surgery and what was and wasn't realistically possible for me personally. He offered me a free second consultation so I had time to think things through, but I had such faith and trust in him that I went on to book the surgery.

On the day, I bounced into hospital I was so excited! Mr Budny came to see me and drew marks on my tummy, then I walked to the operating theatre with my husband, said goodbye to the excess skin I found so distressing and chatted away with the theatre staff as I lay down. Mr Budny came to see me after the operation. My tummy didn't hurt, there was just a bit of discomfort but nothing a few Paracetomol couldn't put right, which shows his skill as a surgeon. I was so keen to see my tummy I took a peek - there was just a strip of tape over the scar and a little piece of paper over my tummy button. My tummy was a little swollen as it was so soon after the operation but it looked amazing - I texted photographs to family and friends!

Mr Budny said to keep the tape on for six weeks to keep the scar flat and clean, and to take things easy - so I walked every day instead of doing my usual workout. The scar, which is low down and covered by pants, is now completely flat. Mr Budny is wonderful and I am absolutely thrilled with my new tummy. I feel like a new woman - I have never been so confident in all my life. In fact, I've just bought six new bikinis as my husband and I are going to the Maldives to renew our marriage vows!”