Your experience under my care

I strive to provide patients in my care with a personal, supportive and positive experience. It's important to me that every individual feels completely comfortable and safe, from their first consultation to their aftercare, and of course, that they get the best possible surgical results.

Your first consultation

There are many factors to consider and options to understand when you think about having surgery. Your first consultation with me in my private practice is your opportunity to talk about your wishes and concerns and to learn more about possible surgical and other approaches. As well as listening to you and explaining your options, I will take your medical and surgical history and assess your health in the context of the proposed procedure. My aim is to give you the information, guidance and time you need to feel completely comfortable with your decision.

Your surgery

Once you’ve had time to think everything through and if your decision is to go ahead with surgery, your procedure will be performed by me at a hospital operated by the UK’s leading private hospital group, Circle Health Group, with an anaesthetist I know and trust. As a surgeon, I am meticulous, paying attention to every detail and taking all the time needed to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. After your surgery, you will be looked after by the hospital’s nursing staff or by me as needed depending on your procedure. The procedure you have will also determine whether you will need a follow-up consultation with me in the weeks following your surgery. If you have any queries or concerns in the meantime that the hospital staff can’t answer you are very welcome to email me or make an appointment for a further consultation via the hospital at any stage.

Your safety

Safe clinical practice sits at the heart of what I do. To ensure that it is appropriate and safe to proceed should you decide to have surgery, with your permission I will write to your GP about the proposed procedure after your first consultation as a check on your overall health. I may also seek your permission to contact any other medical specialists who are looking after you.

My commitment to patient safety and the highest standards of professional care has led to roles in national surgical organisations including the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), which is focused on patient safety through the education of patients, surgeons and regulators and by setting and maintaining standards of professional behaviour by members.

Advice guides for patients

I developed and implemented a campaign for the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) called Think Over Before You Make Over which provides a range of advice guides to help people who choose to have surgery make safe and sensible choices. Covering topics such as key questions to ask your surgeon, cosmetic surgery abroad and information on common cosmetic procedures, the guides can be found here.

“I would like to just say what an absolute pleasure it has been working for you. I was particularly impressed by your management style and, as a trainee, your exceptional surgical mentorship. I have worked for many people over the past few years but the individual and special care you give to each and every patient is something I would like to emulate as a consultant”

“Thank you especially for being so approachable and taking the time to explain everything. You have a lovely manner”

“Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was in hospital. I have recovered well and now I can play football and ride my bike again! And I went to Turkey”